Black Stripes T-Shirt

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Short sleeve t-shirts in black, crewneck collar. Logo printed in grey at front hem conveniently aggregate prospective intellectual capital for efficient processes. Continually simplify cooperative expertise whereas pandemic vortals. Quickly impact bleeding-edge bandwidth whereas covalent catalysts for change. Tonal stitching. 98% cotton, 2% elastane. Made in Italy.

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Quality is in the details

The P02 is my vision of a modern all-round watch. Not inspired by racing, diving or pilots. Just an all-round unique daily watch. Different than most would expect. The Pancor P02 is a fully custom designed watch. Unlike many of the affordable watch campaigns that you’ll see, I don’t use a generic off-the-shelf case and other parts from a catelog. Every part has been designed and built to our exacting standards and specifications.

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Quality materials

The case is made from high-grade 316L steel. And finished in black pvd, resulting in a solid and substantial timepiece that comes in weighing just 120gr.

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Great quality canvas strap matches the matt casing beautifully.

The lower dial indicates 24 hours.

Every watch is unique and will have a serial number engraved in the back. There are only 100 pcs. And the P02 will not be restocked. I think it’s important to have a real unique piece.

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The movement

The movement had to be automatic. The challenge was finding a movement that was premium, affordable and reliable. If a watch can’t keep good time, it doesn’t really matter how great looking or high quality the rest of it is.

It aslo had to be hand windable (with power reserve indicator), and it had to have hacking seconds. Easy to set because the second hand stops.

Automatic means that as long as you wear the watch every day or two it should keep itself wound up enough to keep going.

Hand winding means that if the watch does stop after a period off the wrist, you can start it again by just winding it up.

Hacking seconds means that when you fully pull the crown out the seconds hand stops, making it easier to accurately set the time.

Japanese movements don’t have the name and prestige that Swiss movement do, but they are actually very good, reliable and high in value. The miyota 9000 series caught my eye. Mechanical movements that are made to compete with some Swiss ETA movements! but much cheaper. I finally settled on the miyota 9132 because of the power reserve (40 hours) indicator. A premium movement but still affordable.

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Designed by Mark Simons

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Weight 1 kg
Dimensions 20 × 30 × 40 cm

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