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After delivering more than 600 watches worldwide, the feedback has been overwhelming positive! here’s what a few customers had to say!

Hi Marc,
I would like to congratulate for this project. The watch is great. The design and the build. Also the packaging is great. Arrived at Indonesia safely and suited in my wrist.


Milcozofino, @kickstarter

Received my order a couple of weeks ago and overall I’m more than satisfied with what was delivered. The dial color tone of creamy green matte finish along with the other muted matte color tones used throughout the rest of the dial all work in perfect harmony with the matte yellow a-symmetrical design of the hour, minute and second hands and (IMHO)fits the intended Art Deco vibe that Marc intended. To date (2+ weeks) I’ve had no problems with movement and it seems to be meeting the intended specs for this type of movement. I like the look of the (quality is just okay) strap and it feels comfortable, but I will probably be finding other options that I hope will complement the design of this piece. Do I still feel that the globe dots (wars) would have added more appeal to the overall look/design of the watch, yes I do, but based on Marc’s justifications for not following through on their use, especially if it meant that the dots over the course of time might have fallen off, then I am perfectly happy with how the watch looks without them. Overall, I am more than happy with the product that Pancor delivered (especially for the price 😉 as a freshman effort, and I’ll be looking forward to see what Pancor’s future holds, so far it’s pretty impressive!

watchobs , @kickstarter

Wow! The watch looks amazing in person…well done

Great packaging too…loving the little suede storage pouch. Wish all watches came with one!

George S , @kickstarter

Great watch. Nice, clean and classic looking. I changed out the strap for a grey silicone strap 🙂

Charles Ling , @kickstarter

Watch looks fantastic. Well done! I think the pistachio is well balanced with the grey tweed strap.

Jack of Trades , @kickstarter

Received mine today and it looks incredible. The green is more muted than in some pictures but honestly it has a creamy uniqueness that I was not expecting. Well worth the wait , @kickstarter

Great looking watch you made for us! Its perfect size and weight for my taste. Good work on the design. Congraz!

Got the watch today! Nice!
Thanks from Luxembourg!….

Mr.Schroeder , @kickstarter

Received today the watch. What a beauty!
Thank you. Very happy.

Serge Wallagh , @kickstarter

@creator ! Hello Marc, thank you so very, very much for the sending of a new Pancor02! So quickly, it could’nt faster. My confidence in Marc is great!

Oscar2, @kickstarter

Magnificent! Got mine a couple of hrs ago and can’t stop looking at my wrist. The blue model really kicks ass…

Got mine today – and it’s awesome! You did a great job, Marc! Now I’m looking forward to backing the P03 😉

Daniel Schäfer , @kickstarter

My watch just came in today. Mark did a really great job designing this beauty. Receiving my watch this morning really is a good start to my day!

Joep Buruma, @kickstarter

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