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Pancor P01

The Pancor P01 is inspired by aviation, pilot watches are handy for not only their impressive features but also for their novel design. A worthy gadget to add to your collection, a pilot watch is a piece of the aviation dream that every man can own. Our pilot watch collection are modern and hand their design from fighter airplanes like the F16 and F35.

We use reliable and strong meca quartz movements (Seiko VK64). The casing is made of the best 316l steel. Some models are coated with very strong and black PVD. Clean and good visible dials define a pilot watch, just as the flight instruments used in airplanes. We intent to make more pilot watches called proper flight intruments. It must look  and feel like an cockpit on your wrist.

Stay tuned for more flight instruments!


Pancor P02

The Pancor P02 is a timeless collection for the adventurer and explorer. A cool real men’s watch  that tells you the time at all circumstances.  The watches are powered by premium miyota 9000 series automatic movements. These movements are compared with Swiss ETA 2824. But much more affordable. The best value for money! We use more premium materials like sapphire glass, high quality leather and tweed straps. These straps aren’t very common. It will really stand out. The design is allround and dressy, an everyday watch for every occasion. Coming soon to kickstarter. Subscribe to the newsletter and you will be the first to know.