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Hello, my name is Marc, entrepreneur and watch enthusiast, I’m here to tell you about Pancor.  As you can probably relate, high quality watches are extremely expensive and affordable watches lack the comfort, style and functionality, leaving consumers with a lack of options if you want a high quality watch at the right price.  That is why I have created Pancor and now anyone can get a watch to match their style with a price tag they can handle. Pancor is a line of watches with a slim design inspired by aviation, military and sometimes vintage.

I myself own 25 watches, so needless to say my passion runs deep.  I have had different ideas about the design and quality of watches on the market, always thinking of creating my own.  That’s how I decided to design my own watch.  There aren’t a lot of aviation watches is this price range and also the design of most pilot watches a very traditional, I have noticed people are looking for a more modern look.– This fact prompted us to dig deeper into a solution.  This is where we started to envision Pancor and all the possible benefits we could bring to people:

Affordable: I’m giving you the best value for money and still use premium materials like the best watch movements in the segment from brands as Seiko and Miyota citizen.

Practical: High functional and comfortable to wear without extras, just a watch that makes sense.

Design: Clean and simple design. Traditional elements from historic aviation and vintage style but suitable for today’s taste.

Temporary: Our watches aren’t mass-produced, we like to keep it that way! All collections are always temporary and won’t restock.



We take our name from Fighter jets. Many jets have really cool names. I choose to combine names or parts to create a new name. A name that covers the look and feel of the brand. Also it needs to fit to the design. One of our models is actually named after a jet, the P01 – Nighthawk.