The inspiration for the Pancor P01 comes from the critical instruments in every airplane. But especially from the new generation of fighter jets.


The Pancor P01 is a hybrid chronograph watch inspired by aviation.  We’ve always loved the classic ‘pilot’ watch style, so we wanted to take the classic aviation theme and put our own modern twist on it. The matte black DLC coating on the case is inspired by (stealth) fighter jets like the F-117 Nighthawk.  The elongated markers simulates the meters in the cockpit. While keeping the design of the dial clean and simple, applied indices are added to the dial for a 3D effect.  Also the chronographs are place lower to add more depth. While many small watch companies use stock watch cases, We decided to go another way.  Me and my manufacturer designed a custom 44mm case made from strong 316L stainless steel.  This high quality steel is resistant to both pitting and corrosion, and is the same alloy used by the worlds best watch manufacturers.  Most “pilot” watches are thick and bulky, not Pancor. The thickness of the watch is no more then 10mm.  For a chronograph watch it’s slim and therefor it wears comfortable on your wrist.  The case is rated at 5 ATM water resistance. You don’t have to worry about the watch getting wet.


The Pancor P01 has sapphire crystal with anti reflective coating for better scratch resistance and visebility. The dial is made of brass and is enameled for a black or gray matte finish. Applied with 3D numbers and batons, also the chronograph are lower in the dial to add depth. Also the hands and details are applied with Swiss superluminova C3.

The 44mm case is milled from surgical-grade 316L Stainless Steel which has then undergone a process known as ‘PVD’ coating (P01-Heritage and P01-Nighthawk) through which a form of carbon is blasted onto the steel in a heated vacuum and then rapidly cooled to form a hardened ‘crust’. This is then hand finished to give the final matte appearance and texture.


The Seiko VK64 is a hybrid movement. It combines a quartz module for time-keeping, and a mechanical module for the chronograph function “meca-quartz”. The quartz provides super accurate time-keeping, low maintenance, and it keeps the cost affordable. The long chronograph sweep second ticks 5 times per second, providing high precision and a smooth rotation around the dial. The start, stop, and reset buttons have a mechanical feel, and they instantly reset the chronograph hands to zero like a purely mechanical chronograph would do.