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P02-automatic green


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For more information about the watch, please visit our Kickstarter campaign page.


  • Premium materials: 316L steel, sapphire crystal
  • Powered by Miyota 9132 automatic movement
  • Tweed strap (100% wool)
  • Superluminova C3
  • Limited edition (serial number)
  • 2 years warranty


The watch is shipped in a nice (travel) watchpouch

19 in stock

SKU: green

Product Description

The Pancor P02 is a custom designed watch. Unlike many of the affordable watch campaigns that you’ll see, I don’t use a generic off-the-shelf case. Every part has been designed and built to our exacting standards and specifications.

The case is made from high-grade 316L steel. And finished in chrome or black pvd, resulting in a solid and substantial timepiece that comes in weighing just 90gr. Great quality unique light grey tweed (100% wool) strap matches the matt green dial beautifully.

The lower dial indicates 24 hours. The final production model will have a slightly different dial to make it more clear what the function is of lower subdial.

Limited edition

Every watch is unique and will have a serial number engraved in the back. There is a maximum 300 pcs that will be produced. And that’s why the P02 will not be restocked. I think it’s important to have a real unique piece.

I knew the movement had to be automatic. The challenge was finding a movement that was premium, affordable and reliable. If a watch can’t keep good time, it doesn’t really matter how great looking or high quality the rest of it is.

It aslo had to be hand windable (with power reserve indicator), and it had to have hacking seconds. Easy to set because the second hand stops.

Automatic means that as long as you wear the watch every day or two it should keep itself wound up enough to keep going.

Hand winding means that if the watch does stop after a period off the wrist, you can start it again by just winding it up.

Hacking seconds means that when you fully pull the crown out the seconds hand stops, making it easier to accurately set the time.

Japanese movements don’t have the name and prestige that Swiss movement do, but they are very good, reliable and high in value. The miyota 9000 series caught my eye. Mechanical movements that are made to compete with some Swiss ETA movements! I finally settled on the miyota 9132 because of the nice power reserve indicator. A premium movement but still affordable.

While many small watch companies use stock watch cases, I decided to go another way. We designed a custom 42mm case made from strong 316L stainless steel. This high quality steel is resistant to both pitting and corrosion, and is the same alloy used by the worlds best watch manufacturers. Most automatic watches are thick and bulky, but not Pancor. The thickness of the watch is no more then 12mm. Therefore it wears comfortable on your wrist. The case is rated at 10 ATM water resistance. So you don’t have to worry about the watch getting wet.

The dial is simple and bold – just what a tool watch should be. It’s a sandwich dial – the hour markers are cut out and filled with superluminova C3 or BGW9 on a lower level. This gives the watch more depth. Dials are finished with matt paint (dark grey or green)

The hands are custom made and very unique, sspecially the second hand. You see the center dot? It has no hole and it’s nicely finished. The hour and minute hand are re-filled with compressed superluminova powder. C3 (green emission color) for the green model and BGW9 (blue emission color) for the blue model.

The Pancor P02 features sapphire crystal. Sapphire crystals are far more scratch resistant and clearer than the mineral ones you often see on affordable watches. It’s coated Inside, with a anti-reflective coating for maximum readability in any light.

The crown, used for winding the watch and setting the date/time, is positioned at the 3 o’clock position. The crown is custom designed and slim. The new logo icon is engraved in the crown. When the watch is wound and the time is set the crown pushes down tightly.


Each watch comes with it’s own strap. The green one comes with a 100% wool tweed strap (leather inside). The blue one comes with a black canvas strap also with leather inside. Both are custom designed to fit the P02 perfectly. However there is a range of strap options to complete your watch.



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